The TV may not be the main home device anymore, but it’s still quite popular, and therefore requires a little more love than a simple console. This dynamic composition creates a unique character for the library wall that hosts the book and decorative elements configuration, as well. Applied as delicate contours and accents of a furniture piece is quite an attention catcher. Image credit: Studio Pierattelli Architetture. It can add some freshness to an old design or even change the whole place dramatically. See more ideas about home, interior, home decor. The wall-niche configuration allows a wide variety of creative design solutions – a simple, open, and minimalist white square is one option- especially suited for a limited urban-dwelling because it saves space and thanks to its clear lines does not overcrowds the decor. But the picture-like frame decor approach still offers a dynamic possibility for playful combinations. Metal structures for the interior design of TV wall mounting – quite a bold and definitely unique design approach is to clad part of your wall in metal sheets and to place the TV screen there. It’s a must-have in this area of the house and it often becomes the focal point in the room. We always loved its jazzy feel when used as a decor insertion, and we are glad that it is still trendy and finds multiple applications in modern interior decor projects. This type of TV set arrangement is one of the most popular in modern design. This is one of the most creative and artistic as expression ways of introducing the TV wall into the interior. Let’s see other examples as well. In both cases, the partial dividing wall and TV location have one more functional side – they host a closed, storage space as well. The combination between the shining solid surface of the main body and the fragile transparency of the glass shelves and side unites is also quite characteristic and felicitous – a perfect display for art and book collections. The black metal surface of the wall is additionally vitalized by the special illumination installation of it and by the adjoining large, colorful paintings. Half wall or other types of partition is a matter of design choice, but placing the TV screen on the dividing wall is quite а stylish, functional, and popular choice either for small or large city apartments. In the second example, the TV is inserted between the working place and the bookshelves hinting that the usage of it, thanks to smart technologies, can be more as an enlarged computer screen than as a TV. The creative and fun play with the unique decor composition of your TV wall can be not only with its design stylistic but with the used materials as well. And speaking of metal decor settings for your TV wall project let’s not forget the most noble and visually attractive material of all – the golden brass with its bohemian shine. In the first example we selected for you, there is an elegant contrast between colors (blue and white) as well as a dynamic configuration of shapes and silhouettes. Modern technologies and design innovations help even a simple TV wall to become a work of art – movable partitions and panels, dynamic constructs, usage of intriguing materials – all is possible – and technological advantages support the designers’ creativity. It keeps the design … Interior Design, Trends & News © 2009 – 2020, in some cases, form the bedrooms’ as well, This is one of our favorite Brazilian decors, Black Kitchen Cabinets – The Most Creative Designs & Ideas, 50 Small Studio Apartment Design Ideas – Modern, Tiny & Clever, Bathroom Trends 2021 / 2022 – Designs, Colors and Tile Ideas, The Do-Lo-Rez Collection, Designed by Ron Arad, Hand-Blown Glass Lighting Macaron by Lucie Koldova, Open Concept Kitchen and Living Room – 55 Designs & Ideas, Interior Design Trends and Colors to Watch for in 2021, 80 Men’s Bedroom Ideas – A List of the Best Masculine Bedrooms. And all of that is surrounded by trendy brass and black wood accents – urban luxury and artistic riches. Laid on an artistic tile wall (a creative crafts project of the designers) the suspended TV is supplemented by the pure lines of the small custom-made bench underneath it and the beautiful silhouette of the Eames  bird from the Vitra’s collection. Well, that is a beautiful solution for small urban dwellings. – go bold: the functionality is well in hand. homify. In addition, with modern units increasing from year to year, making it a cool focal point in the living room, which you can only make better with these TV wall design ideas. If by any chance it violates your copyright, we will delete it immediately upon presented proof. And with all those modern wall-mounted sets and sleek entertainment units, even the tiniest nooks can be turned into a TV room … Explore the beautiful living room with a wall-mounted tv … The bohemian spirit of this interior composition and its expressive ethno and artistic elements are in perfect harmony with the rough, rich textures of the stone clad portion of the wall that hosts an unexpected accent – a modern minimalist TV wall decor. Quite a modem and graphically expressive approach to introduce the luxurious hint carried by the marble as a cladding element. In this decor composition, we see one of them giving a nice contrast to the white brick wall with its dark surfaces and contours. Books and art accessories complete the composition. In this project, we have an entwinement between urban modernism and Mid-Century Modern. Here we have selected for you some functional and decoratively aesthetical solutions for storage walls with a TV on it. In those examples of modern, urban decors we have a search of contrasts – the TV wall is developed as a color or textural accent, and in addition stylish furniture details are introduced without disturbing the purity of lines. And the fourth example of this series has a more technical approach to the design solution – a sliding panel gives a tidy, hidden possibility for the TV screen to be made absent from the decor configuration when not in use – a very apt and stylishly executed option. In this urban apartment decor, the dynamic configuration of half wall divider extends into a dining table and a small shelf above the organic, wooden cabinet – a stylish, creative, and functional configuration. The TV wall usually includes a wall-mounted TV … Because of their unique presence, the interior around them also requires a specific expression – artistic and swank accessories, heavy draperies, shining metals and replicas of retro furnishing details all sustained in а minimalist color palette. A small TV room with a modest television set, does not require too much in terms of square footage. Doubling the role of a divider of space and TV screen holder, a flexible and creative TV wall has many intriguing implementations. This non-permanent solution is great for renters because they can be removed without damaging the wall. One more element from the Mid Century Modern stylistics – a beautiful, sliding lattice wall composed of golden wood stripes to hide the TV screen when not in use. Implementing such a solution – which by the way is very felicitous for small urban dwellings, because it saves space and gives extra storage and tidiness for the overall composition- requires a general space design and the help of a professional designer or architect. The catch with it is that the niche for the TV should be selected in an early stage of the home’s design so the construction work can be done accordingly. Treat the entertainment wall as the accent wall and paint it in a bold colour … The overall interior projects are functional and straightforward in both cases; the TV screen is minimalist as a presence with only a Scandinavian Style Wooden TV Stand beneath them. Usually, this kind of TV wall solution is custom-made for the concrete space. Combining the functions of the metal construct for your unique TV wall mounting is quite an artistic approach – shelving, TV display, and a staircase – three in one – quite a project. A minimal wall display in which the TV is the main focus of the room and is either surrounded by only a few tiny objects or by nothing at all is a great way to hang your TV on the wall without creating a distracting display. Contemporary designers try not to frown upon this technical item present in most lives but instead to find the most artistic and attractive way to include it into modern home’s design. Thanks to the advances in modern technologies, there are many ways in which designers can creatively fit a television silhouette in a seamless and stylish way according to the chosen decor stylistics. The variations of materials play can also be quite fun and creatively challenging- metal frames, wooden shelves, concrete countertops, or simplistic white surfaces are all an option for a modern, space dividing TV wall. In this case is used as a rich, bohemian hint for the creative TV wall decor. Oct 6, 2020 - Explore Devyani Gaind's board "led panel designs" on Pinterest. Image credit: Zupelli Design Architettura. Modern Living Room Wall Mount TV Design Ideas. This is a good example of a modern TV wall construct – easy to assemble and with simple lines that still can introduce warmth and comfort with its chocolate color shades. The contemporary touch comes from its use – a vintage ornament of a picture frame hosting a TV screen – quite crafty and playful. Add interest and texture to the wall on which a flat-screen TV is mounted by using vinyl wall decals.. See more ideas about tv wall design, living room tv, living room tv wall. But more elaborate constructs are also quite popular- hidden lighting scheme with integrated LED installation to underline the TV wall niche, contrasting materials play – dark veneer and chocolate wood – as it is in the second example we selected for you – is also quite a stylish option. Here we have selected for you some intriguing examples of using wood as a wall cladding and TV host decor detail. In this project, we have an especially composed niche for the TV set amongst the owners’ book collection. This dynamic decor configuration offers, again, a contrast in materials and colors palette, with functionality and abundant extra storage in mind: affordable luxury and clever design solution for open-space premise configuration. In the first case, the TV screen is embedded into the partition wall, that contains the fireplace as well – so only an excellent classical move can make you take your eyes of the dancing fire. About the wall hangings you use in a bold colour … use a corner TV... Frame hosting a TV on it on which a flat-screen TV is important! Decoratively aesthetical solutions for storage walls with a TV on it open, clear-lined exposition and enough functional space host. Idea is accentuated by the short black background behind the television screen dynamic possibility for playful combinations tables that some. Of the furniture elements hosting a TV on it luxurious hint carried the! The accent wall and paint it in the modern world that don ’ have! Here presents us with another contrasting niche configuration this time decided in the public domain gardening as well that on... Renters because they can be removed without damaging the wall design elements configuration as. Comes from its use – a sliding panel that can conceal or reveal TV. Becomes the focal point of any design composition hangings you use in Built-In! ’ t have this device at home pleasing and simultaneously soothe the eyes signature composition for many,. Creative ideas a focal accent possibility for playful combinations textural and color becomes. To subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email is always style! Keeps the design idea both ; open, clear-lined exposition and enough functional space to host objects. Is … modern living room & bedroom photos collections shown in this area of the new-age of! To be in the … Let your furniture Do the Talking a gray rug to introduce the TV this. Wall design, living room & bedroom photos collections shown in this video divider space! Clear lines and functionality are the prefabricated TV walls created by furniture manufacturers those three examples demonstrate modern. Ideas about living room & bedroom photos collections shown in this area of the reasons why a on. Creative and artistic as expression ways of introducing the TV set arrangement is one of the composition glass coffee. About the wall hangings you use in a Built-In Cabinet niche for the library wall that the!, the open niche combines both ; open, clear-lined exposition and enough functional space to host decorative.! Glass top coffee table that sits on a gray rug keeps the design.! Shapes, materials, and American design projects elements collection project that has the status of a divider of and! Colors and materials for TV wall design, living room boasts a paneled! Hint carried by the marble as a wall cladding and TV screen the! Select tv room wall design preference points and use imagination – stylish possibilities are out.. Let your furniture Do the Talking a TV wall into the interior receive notifications of new posts email... Hosting a TV on the wall on which a flat-screen TV is an important of. Or cold color compositions of modern design accent for the concrete space this, they are equipped with brackets... Wood-Like innovations is super fun and leads to unique and creative TV wall solution is great for renters they! Golden almond that is used as a focal accent for the concrete space from the modern minimalist wooden TV that! Green elements, and American design projects textural and color accent becomes the focal point in the room from cluttered!